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The Comforting and The Comforted

Three years ago, my family said goodbye to a family friend.  Goldie, one of our dogs, had been with my wife and I for about 15 years — about a year less than we’d been married at the time.  In early November, I did an exercise that brought up a memory of her.  I...

5 Lessons from the Olympics in Rio

Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve been enjoying watching the Olympic games in Rio.  I’ve always enjoyed watching them in part because of all the great stories that can provide wonderful inspiration.  So today, I thought I would share 5 lessons to remember from the Games....

Why I’m excited for what’s to come

It's been some time since I  wrote a post for my site, so today, I thought I'd put in a little update.  I could rehash why I've been away, but the last podcast episode that I did way back in the latter part of last year pretty much already says it all, so no need to...

Procedural Stripes in Cycles

When I did my self portrait character (the one I’ve been using for my profile pic around the web and is in the banner on my site) back in August of last year, I was thinking about what I should do for his shirt.  A couple of my favorite shirts from my closet had...

(Podcast feed:  http://feeds.feedburner.com/My3dLife) In this introductory episode, I discuss what My 3D Life is all about and what you can expect to see in future episodes. Why do a podcast? Audio journal Share what I'm learning Finding my voice Attract possible...

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