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My 3D Life 003 — Exploring Creativity Through Challenges | Grady Pruitt

In this episode, I share my creativity plan for the next 3 months:


  • 30 day challenge to do a sculpt a day (your choice of medium/subject)
  • 2/3 real animals/humans
  • 1/3 fantasy/mythology based creatures
  • (Although I didn’t mention this in the episode, my plan is to use Blender to 3D sculpt)


  • Month long challenge to do ink drawings.  (Again, your choice of subject.)
  • My plans are similar to Sculptember
  • Why I think Inktober and Sculptember are backwards (and why I just have to deal with it).


  • 50,000 words in 30 Days (It’s your novel… It can be whatever you want it to be about.)
  • Mythology adaptation
  • Why this NaNo has special meaning for me.

And if you plan on doing any one of these (or any other similar challenge), be sure to pay special attention to the last 20 minutes, where I share my experiences and some tips for successfully completing a challenge like this!

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