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30 Sculpts in 30 Days — June 2014 | Grady Pruitt

30 Sculpts in 30 Days — June 2014

by | Mar 9, 2017 |

In June, 2014, I set out to do a 30 day challenge to create 30 sculpts in 30 days.  The idea behind this project was to only spend 15 to 30 minutes on each sculpt.  At the time, I had been struggling to work in Blender on a daily basis as well as struggled with trying to go to detail too quickly.  The time limit forced me to focus on general shapes as well as being quick enough to overcome the “I don’t have time” obstacle.


Except for the dragon and maybe the fairy, most of these were done within that time frame.  Several were done on the same day, because I had missed a  day or two here or there, so I got a little lax in my creativity of subject matter on a couple.  Most turned out like I intended, though some people guessed wrong on what they were.

This project fulfilled it’s purpose and helped me get into a more daily habit with Blender and helped me to see how easy it was to get basic forms without getting into much detail.

Once the 30 days was complete, I spent a few days adding more detail to the turtle and to the dragon.  I have since had prints made of them.