Want to know how to write a novel or create stunning 3D graphics?  The resources here will help you do just that!

Creating Computer Graphics

Here are my resources for creating computer graphics:

  • Beginning Gimp by Akkana Peck — Although the second edition covers version 2.4 with a preview of version 2.6 (meaning this is based on a much older version of GIMP), I still think this book is an excellent resource for someone starting out with GIMP.  Most of the important and frequently used tools are discussed (though there are a few newer ones that aren’t), as are just about all the important techniques you’d need to get started creating and editing your own images.
  • Wacom Intuos5 Touch — I use the small version of this device, but if you want to do any amount of drawing, 3d sculpting, or hand writing on the computer, then a tablet is a must!  I highly recommend any of the Wacom tablets.

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