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My Review of Beginning GIMP | Grady Pruitt

My Review of Beginning GIMP

Beginning GIMP by Akkana PeckA couple of years ago, I was looking to improve my skills with GIMP.  I came across the book, Beginning GIMP by Akana Peck.  I believe I had the second edition, which covered version 2.4 of Blender, but it did have a section on the newer 2.6 version.  At the time that I acquired the book, the 2.6 version was either already out or was just about to.

I found the book to be very thorough.  Though I already knew a number of the things in the book, I would have found it to be an excellent resource.  It covered a number of things that I, as a new GIMP user (though I had been using it for some time) would want to know.  Covering everything from layers to drawing, filters, scripting, and more.   The book walks you through not just creating your own art, but tips and trick to improve your photos as well.

Though this is an older book and there is a much newer version of GIMP, I believe this is still a great resource for anyone getting started with GIMP.  The program may have updated to a newer version, but all that means is that there might be a few tools and tricks that are available now that weren’t available before.  For the most part, though, the book still covers everything you need to begin using GIMP effectively.  (Besides, it never covered every single feature of GIMP… Just enough to get you going.)

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